Thrive Summary....
People had so little control over major events in the world. They couldn’t control the weather. They couldn’t control their own bodies when the sickness came. Kaila was immune to the virus that came like hot rain thickly coating the planet with chaos, sterility and death. Immunity doesn’t last. There will always be some form of virus floating unseen waiting to strike.
Taking a new job in a decimated community, Kaila is searching for a promising future for herself and her young son. Rebuilding the small town and caring for orphans who survived the pandemic gave meaning to her life. Kaila put order to her tiny piece of the world. She even had an illusion that she could control the path of her life. It was a brief illusion. Kaila never factored in people.
Coleman March has been fighting an unseen enemy. He and a specialized team of doctors, scientists and biological engineers have been fighting the virus that continuously mutated for over fifteen years. Cole nearly lost his life from the plague, yet he survived only losing some of his humanity. He'd pledged his life to fighting the unseen enemy that had nearly taken his life. Cole held the secret to saving millions of lives.
Could the knowledge of his secret cost him the one thing he'd never imagined he'd find on a routine re-colonization venture.....
His one true mate.

Welcome Readers

I love reading romance Novels.  I love them all, historical romance, contemporary, paranormal, erotica, futuristic and science fiction.  My grandmother gave me my first harlequin, Betty Neels was the author and it was about a nurse who was madly in love with a local doctor.  I remember it so well, you never forget your first romance rush.  The book was like taking a whiff of a habit forming drug.  I was hooked!  That novel transformed my expectations of a 'good read'.  I would read day and night.  With each new novel my appetite grew for the next romance high. I was insatiable and now I get that same high creating characters and their unique romance.   Enjoy.

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